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Total Knee

Total_knee_imageDr. Wayne Alani in Houston is stepping up knee care with “Verilast” Total Knee Replacement.

Finally a knee replacement that can keep up with you!
The “Verilast” Total knee replacement is designed to last 30 years.

For decades knee replacements have been plagued by the limitation of materials that slowly wear out and 10-15 years was the average expected lifespan of a knee replacement. Dr. Wayne O. Alani is a board certified Orthopedic Surgeon in Houston with Fondren Orthopedic group performing Total knee replacements with Smith and Nephews “Verilast” Technology.

What are the symptoms?:

•    Pain with activities
•    Limited range of motion
•    Joint stiffness
•    Swelling of the joints
•    Joint tenderness
•    A feeling of grinding or catching inside the joint

Are you suffering from chronic knee pain?

Problems with traditional knee replacements can begin in as few as 5 to 7 years as pieces of the plastic are worn off causing irritation. More serious issues can develop including tendons in the knee beginning to detach.

Common problems with traditional knee replacements include:

•    Loosening of joints over time
•    Polyethylene wear
•    Inflammation
•    Osteolytic response
•    Metal allergies
•    Ceramic fracturing, chipping and squeaking

What is “Verilast” technology?

“Verilast” is the name for Smith and Nephews revolutionary technology that uses state of the art metal and a new type of plastic that lasts longer and has fewer problems which is why it’s called the Total Knee replacement.
“Verilast” is the combination of:

•    OXINIUM (Oxidized Zirconium) is a lightweight, low-friction metal that is 20% lighter than cobalt chrome
•    “Cross linked plastic” (Polyethylene) is smoother creating less friction with increased durability and reduces wear using advanced molecular engineering.

What are the benefits of a Smith and Nephew “TOTAL KNEE”?

•    30 year capability for the Total knee with “Verilast” technology
•    The smoothness of ceramic with the strength of metal
•    Performed with a less invasive surgery resulting in a quicker recovery
•    No risk of fracturing, chipping or squeaking
•    Engineered for a better fit providing more comfort than traditional replacements

Allergic to metal? The “Verilast” Total knee is hypoallergenic making it the only metal knee replacement that is safe for patients with metal allergies.

Advancements in the field of orthopedic knee replacement mean quicker recovery and a higher level of functionality. Some patients make such a complete recovery that they have reported “forgetting they had a knee replacement.”
Dr. Wayne O. Alani encourages and advocates for the implementation of nonsurgical means of treatment whenever possible. Dr. Alani believes that relationships are vital to establishing trust by making sure you understand all your options and then choosing a course of treatment that you are comfortable and will best suit your needs.
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